Balkan Parabolan 1ml amp

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Dosage of Balkan Parabolan 1ml ampoule

There is no need to combine Balkan Parabolan with other steroids in order to get shapely lean musculature. The users, who are the beginners, appreciate this advantage of the drug, which is saving their time and money. Taking 76 milligrams of the drug once in 2-3 days will be enough for the beneficial results. Nevertheless, some of the sportsmen choose to combine Parabolan with other steroids. The thing is, that this drug combines nearly perfect with the basic steroids- their examples are methenolone, Nandrolone and Boldenone. The first is used for the cutting purpose, the second- for the bulking purpose, and the third could be added for both (or each) of the purposes. The drug also works nice with any kind of testosterone. The best choice for the period of cutting among all of them would be precisely the testosterone propionate.

Trenbolone is giving greater results at power gaining, than, for example, Masteron, Winstrol, Proviron (and many others). It means that there is no sense at adding those drugs to Oxandrolone administration; the user could just increase the daily dosage of Parabolan in order to achieve the expected results. Greater musculature growth could be displayed when taking methandienone or Oxymetholone together with Parabolan. It is important to remember, that such stacks must continue for no longer, than 6 weeks. The user has to take every conceivable precautions, which are recommended to each of the stacks. If it has been chosen to combine the drug with Oxymetholone, it is necessary to add Tamoxifen and, maybe, a bit of Stanozolol (Winstrol). The reason lies in some features of progestogens, which both trenbolone and Oxymetholone are having. If you are interested in the Balkan Parabolan 1ml ampule stacks, you could find the above described drugs on our site,

Side Effects of Balkan Parabolan 1ml

The most possible bad effects among male users are increased skin fat secretion, baldness, pimples, aggressiveness, non-cancer breast size increase, problems with the sexual activity, progressiveness of atherosclerosis, water retention, peripheral hydrops’ formation, decline of liver functioning, blood analysis indexes’ changes and hurtful bones. The masculinization effect is significant, that is why it is better for the female users not to take the drug.

Description of Balkan Parabolan 1ml ampoule

The active component of Balkan Parabolan 1ml ampule is Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate hormone in the amount of 100mg/ml. The drug is also known as Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate, Trenabol Depot, Parabolan, Parabolic, Finbolan Hexa and Androxine. This versatile injectable steroid is almost completely harmless to the user’s health. Some people claim that the drug is toxic to kidneys, but this information was not proven to be true.

What is the best about the Trenbolone usage, is the possibility to get maximum of the desired results with almost none bad effects.

You will achieve the efficient and quite effortless development of lean musculature while using the drug just without the additional steroids (Buy Balkan Aquatest 1ml amp Online with Mukumz Pharmacy).

Notwithstanding that Parabolan costs more, than the trenbolone hormone itself, but it pays off, as the user is avoiding all the problems and risks of contagions and abscesses, which are possible to happen while some users decide to mix the substances for the injection themselves. Parabolan is quite rare drug and there always exist a probability to face the fraud.

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